20 Beautiful Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Women

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17. Shoulder Length Hair With Highlights

Highlights are perfect for shoulder-length hair as they deliver the style a boost, as well as movement and size. Adding highlights is one of the simplest methods to alternate up your look without being too drastic or inflicting an excessive amount of harm. Work with the undertones for your hair and complexion to get the right sunglasses to your highlights. Warm tones can go for caramel and copper highlights, while cool tones ought to attempt ashy light brown and honey blonde shades.

18. Shoulder Length Hair Updo

While shoulder-duration hair isn’t long sufficient for an difficult up ‘do, it is ideal for a sublime, low bun appearance. The key is to backcomb your hair, so there’s nevertheless quantity at the crown, then sweep it lower back right into a messy bun on the nape of your neck. Leave out a few pieces on the front to border your face and upload a subtle curl to keep the appearance soft and ‘undone.’ The final result is brief and simple, even as still being sexy and sophisticated – ideal for a date night time.

19. Braids for Shoulder Length Hair

Braids appearance incredible at each length, which include medium or shoulder-period. These braids are flattering on most face shapes, as they make your face look slimmer and longer whilst emphasizing the jawline. The options for braid styles are endless, however micro braids, twists, and container braids are all famous picks.

20. Shoulder Length Hair with Long Layers

If you want to give your shoulder-duration hair a brisker feel, why no longer add a few layers? The time period ‘lengthy layers’ method there’s a larger distinction in length between your layers, which is ideal for people with evidently wavy hair.  Long layers provide your mane an undone, boho vibe. They also are appropriate for both excellent and thick hair sorts.

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